New Study Claims Genetically Engineered Foods Are Safe

a-list-of-healthy-foods-the-simple-superfoods-canThe first genetically engineered food that was available in the market was the tomato. This event happened twenty-two years ago. However, the GM tomato did not have many takers and failed when it came to taste. However, it won the seal of approval when it came to safety. Since then, the debate of the safety of genetically engineered foods has always been waged with huge numbers on either side.

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine in a recent report claimed that genetically modified foods are as safe as any other type of foods. This study was based on the findings of over 900 individual studies. It is to be noted that developing countries in the continents of Asia, Central America and Africa rely more on GM crops when compared to industrially proficient countries. Studies claim that more than eighty-five varieties of GM foods are yet to hit the market and are currently waiting to win the seal of approval. This includes varieties like maize that is water resistant.

The study was conducted individually without funding from biotechnical giants. All the scientists involved in the process were selected after strict scrutiny, to ensure that they didn’t have any conflicting financial interests.

Celebrate National Pancake Day By Getting A Free Pancake

cdckqzkuiaamsgzMost food holidays always fall on a particular day irrespective of the date. Like the national Donut day which is always celebrated on the first Friday of June. However, National Pancake Day is more flexible. This brand new holiday is the brainchild of IHOP or the International House of Pancakes, a popular food chain that has millions of fans all over the country. The National Pancake Day is typically celebrated towards the end of winter but the actual date varies from year to year. It was celebrated on 5th February in 2013, 4th March in 2014, 3rd March in 2015.

Apart from the National Pancake Day, there are other days honoring this quintessential breakfast food like the International Pancake Day and Give The World Pancake Day. The latter festival was hosted by Perkins during fall of last year and it involved a charity fundraiser that distributed free pancakes for kids.

This year the National Pancake Day, hosted by IHOP falls on 8th March. Just like past years, the event offers one stack of yummy buttermilk pancakes for customers when they make a contribution to the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals or other charities. The event is open for seven in the morning to seven in the evening. Just enter into your nearest IHOP and ask for your free stack of pancakes. The event, unlike other similar events, doesn’t need you to show a coupon or make any sort of purchase. However, before you step out, consider making a donation to the designated charities.

ihop-pancakes-300x300Other popular fast-food restaurant chains also have similar events lined up for National Pancake Day. However, they are not as generous as IHOP and require the use of coupons or making a purchase to claim your free pancakes.

So this March 8th step into an IHOP and get your free pancakes. Do not forget to contribute what you can to charities.

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Eric Hyman Stepping Down – No Longer Athletic Director

y7bgc4gap23oma0eA huge number of sports lovers were surprised when Eric Hyman announced on Tuesday that he is stepping down from his post of Athletic Director at Texas, A&M. Eric Hyman took up the post as Bill Byrne’s successor in the summer of 2012. He was brought in to guide the Aggies and to help them for the Big 12, Southeastern conference.

In a statement to the press, Eric Hyman stated that he appreciated his time at the Texas A&M University and was really proud of the achievements of all his student-athletes both on the field as well as within the classroom. He also stated that the best part of the job of an athletic director is getting to form wonderful relationships with the students, former students and colleagues. He stated that he values the time he has spent at the Texas A&M University and the wonderful friendships he has built with the Aggies. He concluded by saying that he wishes for nothing but the best for the Texas A&M University.

The president of A&M, Michael Young also gave out a statement to the press on the resignation of Hyman. He stated that he wanted to express his sincere gratitude to Eric for his tenure as Athletic Director. The high levels of professionalism and integrity displayed by Hyman have improved not only athletic performance but also improved the academics of the student athletes. His insights have been really helpful to the entire Athletics department at A&M and he wished Eric all the best in his future endeavors.

A&M basketball coach Gary Blair stated that the resignation came as a shock and surprise to all. She stated that all Eric has done for the athletic department has all been positive and very uplifting. However, she also stated that sometimes people need a change of environment and wished Eric all the best for his future.

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