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After an auto accident, it’s important that you speak with legal counsel as soon as possible so that you can initiate legal proceedings and seek just compensation for any damage to property and any physical injuries sustained. You will find that the auto accident lawyers at the San Diego Injury Law Center provide their clients with exceptional legal services. Our team will keep you well informed of your interests and work diligently to ensure that justice is served.

Some important services that we provide our clients with include auto accident evaluation, auto accident investigation, auto accident reconstruction and auto accident examination. This will involve a review of police reports, photographic evidence, physical evidence, witness accounts and any other accounts or documentation pertinent to your motor vehicle collision. The auto accident lawyers at the San Diego Injury Law Center will work closely with these experts to examine the circumstances of your auto accident in great detail. By assessing the cause and nature of your accident, we will use this information to build a strong case the represents your interests and will help you receive just compensation for your injuries and losses.

During this accident investigation, we will be able to assess just who was at fault for the accident and will be able to fashion your case around this information. Of course, there are some cases in which an auto accident will occur as a result of a mechanical error or injuries in an accident may be exacerbated by a failure of the vehicle’s safety restraints and other systems. In such cases, the auto accident lawyers at the San Diego Injury Law Center will bring a product liability lawsuit against the auto manufacturer for negligent manufacture and testing of the vehicle.


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