Coffee Drinkers Have Got News To Rejoice

two-new-reasons-you-should-drink-more-coffee-1-600x300The World Health Organization recently removed coffee from the status of a carcinogen. This move comes after twenty five years after WHO declared that coffee could be a reason for bladder cancer. Coffee drinkers finally have got news to celebrate. The Cancer Research Team of WHO recently concluded that coffee is no longer classified as a possible carcinogen. The organization further stated that coffee does not act as a trigger for other types of cancers including prostate as well as pancreatic cancers.

The WHO with this declaration joins other major studies that eliminated the risks of coffee. Several studies have been conducted to claim that there is no quantifiable link between coffee and cancer. This dramatic announcement was made by the cancer research wing of WHO after analyzing data from over thousands of studies. The IARC official who was responsible for leading the study was Dr.Dana Loomis. In a press statement, he stated that the evidence that coffee is not a carcinogen had increased significantly, since WHO was involved in the study in 1991. It is not the first time that WHO has taken an about turn when it comes to particular substances. But, it is not an event that happens often.

It is to be noted that Americans drink around three cups of coffee per day on an average. The National Coffee Association claims that coffee is the most drunk beverage in the whole United States even preceding tap water. It is becoming increasingly popular in several parts of the world not only limited to the traditional regions of Europe and the U.S. The rate of global consumption of coffee is increasing steadily since 2011.

A study led by the Dana-Farber Cancer institute stated that coffee can prevent the relapse of a few types of cancer including colon cancer. It helped to improve the rate of quick cure. So, brew a fresh cup and enjoy!